Spiritual Wellbeing

Meaning, purpose, hope and connection.

We believe meeting the spiritual care needs of people in our care is just as important as their physical health. We recognise everyone is different and celebrate individual beliefs and diversities. Spiritual wellbeing is about your quality of life and we provide support to help find meaning, purpose and connection in life.

Your Spirituality is what makes life worth living and what gives you a spark of life. For some people, that will be faith and religion. For those with humanistic or secular beliefs, spiritual needs can be met in a range of different ways.

We can support your spirituality through nature and creativity; the arts including music, dance and creative writing; relationships with loved ones, God or other deity; and faith and beliefs including sacred texts, prayer and meditation, and religious sacraments, rituals and practices.

Some ways we can help

  • Connecting with resident communities
  • Pastoral care/support
  • Podcasts
  • Online church services
  • Sacred texts readings
  • Meditations/prayer
  • Group activities
  • Personalised engagement programs

How to get started

Talk to us about how we can support spiritual needs. We’re here to help.
1800 632 314 (free call)

Would you like to support our residents with their spiritual wellbeing needs? Enquire about becoming a Spiritual Wellbeing Coordinator or a Volunteer with Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at recruitment@sccliving.org.au