Suzanna and Margaret both look forward to their visits

August 14, 2019

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Suzanna and Margaret both look forward to their visits

Suzanna, a Home Care worker on the Central Coast visits Margaret twice a week for domestic cleaning and social support.

Suzanna says that she is proud to be Margaret’s carer - “There is no greater gift than looking after such a kind woman, Margaret is an absolute gift. Each time I visit Margaret I always get a smile or a hug from her and it makes my day. I love my role and look forward to visiting and supporting our clients.”

Margaret feels much the same about Suzanna, saying “When my carer Suzanna comes to visit me it’s a godsend. I feel Suzanna is part of my family and I can talk to her about anything. She’s a very honest person. I always enjoy seeing her and look forward to our next visit.”

Margaret likes spending her days as busy and on the go as possible. “I volunteer my time at the local op shop where I have nice group friends. On Thursday's I like to visit my close friend Ruth, who takes me to see other friends. In between these activities, I like doing crafts, reading and more socialising, said Margaret.

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