Preparing for the final stages of life

Southern Cross Care has provided essential aged care services to the community through our Residential Care homes, Home Care services and Retirement Villages for over 50 years.

For us, partnering with and supporting older people through their ageing journey and as they approach the end of their lives is a true privilege and honour.

Palliative and End of Life Care

When palliative care or end-of-life care is required, we provide compassionate, holistic, empathetic, and best-practice care and support to maximise comfort, dignity and ensure the best quality of life possible.

Our team work proactively and collaboratively with residents and their loved ones ensuring there is sufficient time to plan for this important phase of life.

Such planning includes:

  • Advance care planning

  • End of Life Care Pathway Guide

  • Shared decision-making with residents and their loved ones

In addition to our team, GPs, and other medical professionals, based on the older person’s preferences, decisions, wishes and clinical, emotional and spiritual needs, will continue to support the older person through their individualised journey.

This includes:

  • Identifying and supporting aspects of care and engagement which may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or social

  • Continued planning and collaboration with residents and their loved ones

  • Providing person-centred care

  • Supporting families and carers in bereavement

At Southern Cross Care, we equip and train our staff to recognise, understand and support every stage so we can provide the best possible care and support at this time.

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT’s mission and purpose is to enable older people to live life to the full.

As those within our care approach the final stages of life, we provide compassionate, holistic, high-quality palliative and end-of-life care and support.

Our approach encompasses a range of support services tailored to our residents' and clients' needs and wishes.

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) legislation came into effect in New South Wales on 28 November 2023. A person who meets the requirements under the VAD Act may choose to take a substance prescribed by a doctor that will lead to their death.

We support the right of people in receipt of our services to make informed end-of-life choices. Southern Cross Care will not directly provide Voluntary Assisted Dying services.

If a resident or client chooses to understand more about or access external Voluntary Assisted Dying services, we will respect their wishes and protect their privacy. We will not judge nor impede them in their choice, and we will comply with all relevant New South Wales legislation. Our commitment to care for and about those who entrust us with their care will always be our priority and focus.

Further Information on Voluntary Assisted Dying

A Government Voluntary Assisted Dying Care Navigator Service is being established to provide support to anyone involved with voluntary assisted dying in NSW. Information about Voluntary Assisted Dying can be found at: