Feel your old self

Do you wake up happy, looking forward to the day ahead? Do you smile, laugh out loud, sing, whistle or hum a tune? Or does life just feel harder than it used to? Everyone has good and bad days but if life has lost its flavour or it’s just too hard, then maybe we can help you to feel your old self again.

For nearly 50 years, Southern Cross Care has been helping people to live life to the full. Whether it’s improving your health, exploring ways to boost your social connections and independence, tapping into help at home, discovering a retirement living lifestyle or selecting comfortable, supportive care, we want to discover what’s important to you. Together we can help you select from our range of services and programs to tailor a solution that’s right for you. Because everyone needs things to look forward to in life.

Shirley's story

"I remember when Ron and I first met. That was 53 years ago and he swept me off my feet. I was really looking forward to our retirement but it wasn’t working out like I imagined. He wasn’t the happy Ron I knew. He seemed grumpy and spent all his time watching TV with the sound too loud. I was left to struggle with all the housework and shopping on my own. Whenever I asked him to help he’d just ignore me, or say okay and then do nothing. I was exhausted all the time and felt very lonely.” – Shirley

When Shirley contacted Southern Cross Care we met with her and Ron and realised that Ron had a hearing problem. He’d gotten pretty good at covering it up so Shirley hadn’t realised how bad it was. Southern Cross Care arranged for Ron to see an audiologist and he was fitted with hearing aids. Their assistant Jessica now helps Shirley with the housework and is great company for them both. She provides transport to take them shopping and on social outings to visit friends and family. Southern Cross Care also set them up with a tablet connected to the Internet to stay in touch and installed an emergency call system. 

“Having Southern Cross Care's help has changed our lives. Jessica's just an angel and we love having her around. I feel my old self again and I've got my Ron back too. We do things together and spend so much time talking. It's wonderful.” – Shirley

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