Feel your old self

Never underestimate the importance of good coffee and a chat

When Carol first contacted Southern Cross Care for domestic assistance and personal care services, she'd just had a stint in hospital and needed a little help around the house. Perhaps what was not quite as obvious was how much she was missing companionship and the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat.

Carol's Service Advisor instantly knew Shamira would be a perfect match as she's a warm, friendly person who's easy to talk with and enjoys what she does.


When Shamira turned up to help Carol for the first time, Carol mentioned that she needed to go to the shops to get groceries. Shamira drove them down to the shops and helped Carol get the things she needed.

As they were walking back to the car, they passed a cafe and Shamira spontaneously asked Carol if she liked coffee.



Seated at a table at the local cafe, the two shared stories and discovered that they both loved cooking. Two cups of coffee and a sticky date slice later, Carol felt her old self again.

With Shamira's help, Carol is now mobile and can get out and about to doctors' appointments, errands and a spot of shopping. Most importantly, she can also enjoy that all-important cup of coffee and a chat.



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