Benefits of Home Care

It’s not surprising that around 90% of older people, regardless of their circumstances, want to remain living in their own home. While many choose to ignore it, the reality of growing older means that everyday tasks can become harder, we become more frail and our safety is more at risk. For example, around 1 in 3 people over 65 have a fall each year, though few ever talk about it.

Many people are mistakenly afraid that getting older means increased pressure to move out of their home and they put off making decisions until a crisis hits. The reality is that Home Care can help prevent hospitalisation by providing support at home before a crisis develops.

Our Home Care services provide a real alternative to traditional support solutions and have many unique benefits.


  • Professional helpers and nurses can be there when family members aren’t able to be

  • Home Care comes to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home

  • Because you’re in a familiar environment, your risk of falls and other injuries is lower

  • You have more control over the personalised services you receive

  • Services are flexible as your preferences and needs change

  • People living in their own homes for longer are happier

  • You don’t have the hassle of having to pack up and move away from family and friends

  • Your neighbourhood and community don’t change

  • You’re free to live your life as you wish while receiving the support you need

  • You have the choice of a wide range of services from domestic help to skilled nursing care

  • Family members and friends do not need to worry about your wellbeing

  • You have peace of mind that if you need help or support it’s close at hand

  • You have a higher sense of independence, security and dignity

  • You can recouperate from a medical procedure of illness more quickly at home

  • Family and friends can enjoy more quality time with you instead of performing carer duties

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Pricing Schedule

You can download our Home Care Package pricing schedule by clicking the image below (PDF).