We Put Care First

Not all aged care is the same. Our commitment to care comes right from the top – our CEO and COO are both registered nurses. While nurses are trained first and foremost to provide clinical care, we’re talking here about caring in a much broader sense. It is a way of thinking and behaving that influences every aspect of our three streams of care — Residential Care, Home Care and Retirement Living.

Residential Care

In our 28 homes we place great emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of each of our 1,600+ residents, as well as the physical and clinical care that they need. We have a growing team of diversional therapists to ensure we remain strong in this aspect of care.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve followed a robust COVID-19 Management Plan to limit the disruption to usual routines for our residents, whilst taking all necessary precautions and adjusting individual care plans as needed. Thanks to our clinical experience, we also have industry-leading infection controls.

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Home Care

We’re supporting hundreds of older people to continue to live comfortably in their own homes. Our many services include help around the home, personal care, allied health support, meal assistance, shopping and respite care to give full-time carers a break.

Throughout the pandemic, we have modified and enhanced our services through a comprehensive COVID-19 Management Plan. Our teams have been making welfare calls to people when home visits were not possible, working to find other ways to stay connected, including using technology where possible. We’re also providing transport to appointments to minimise the use of public transport and help keep clients safe.

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Retirement Living

For the most part, people who move to our retirement villages are downsizing to make their lives more convenient, secure and worry-free. Their care needs tend to be less than others in residential care or using home care service, but even so care in every sense remains the central aspect of our approach to retirement living.

Regardless of where they live, maintaining social connection is important to everyone's wellbeing. During the pandemic we have followed a COVID-19 Management Plan to limit the disruption to the social routines of our residents, whilst keeping everyone safe with check-ins, masks and distancing.

For more on our Retirement Living services, call us on 1800 632 314 or click here.