Aged Care at Home

July 09, 2018

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Aged Care at Home

“I can’t believe how lucky I am to be an older person in 2018. I often think about my parents who were country people from Junee. As they got older, they had next to no options and my father lived at home by himself when my mother was moved into aged care. We visited him and helped out but overall, he was pretty isolated and had to work things out for himself. He was in his 90’s. The choice to keep mum at home wasn’t even on the table. I realise how hard it was for older people back then compared to today".

At 88, Ian and his wife Judy consider themselves fortunate to have the choice to remain in their own home with access to services and support. Judy is a few years younger and is living with cancer.  Both Ian and Judy have home care services, each for different needs. Between them, life is pretty good. “We really love our home and independence. We’ve lived alongside our neighbours for over 60 years and we love being a part of our community.

“We have five kids. Two live close by and the others are scattered around the world. They all do things to help but we don’t want to put pressure on them to take care of us. They have families, jobs and kids to raise themselves, so in-home care was the best and right choice for us.”

“My wife has a lovely carer who comes three times a week. Judy loves chatting with her as she’s not getting out of the house very much these days. Her carer does all our housework, laundry and sometimes helps prepare a meal. She helps Judy shower and dress too. For Judy it’s having a friendship with someone. They laugh a lot together and genuinely enjoy one another’s company. I also like to get out and I feel I can when Judy’s carer is with her.”

Ian’s in good health, though he has challenges with walking any distance. He drives to the local shops and sometimes escorts Judy to doctor’s appointments or to visit friends. “I have a nice young guy who’s been my carer for the past year. I can do a lot of things for myself but I need help carrying shopping and with doing jobs around the home”.

His carer Jack takes Ian out shopping once a week and a favourite stop along the way is the local coffee shop, where they sit and chat.  Ian explains that this is a day of the week that he really looks forward to.

“I love spending time with new people and really like having a connection with a younger person. We learn a lot from one another”. Jack also helps around the home with gardening and even cleaning out the old garden shed.

Ian, 88 years old and loving life at home #AgedCareAtHome

“Aged care at home is exactly what Judy and I want because this is where we want to be.  When Judy had a fall, they sent a nurse daily to dress her wounds. We also had an audiologist visit to test Judy’s hearing. It was all organised by our Service Advisor.   I don’t worry about anything much these days. We enjoy sitting on the veranda, reading. Our neighbours call in for a chat and the kids visit. Life is very good.”

Find out more about Aged Care at Home by visiting #AgedCareAtHome page or by calling 1800 632 314.

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