Jenny, traveling with peace-of-mind

August 08, 2018

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Jenny, traveling with peace-of-mind

Ling has lived with daughter Jenny and her family following the death of her husband three years ago. Ling loves being around her family, seeing her two grandsons grow up and with so much going on at home she’s never lonely. Up until now Jenny has been her mother’s carer, and other than the odd occasions Ling’s needed extra help, with wound management and some physical therapy support each week, they’ve managed well on their own.

“Mum has always done so much for the family, my kids love having her around, she used to be the one looking after them. It can be a difficult balance sometimes with my responsibilities for mum and the rest of my family, at home and in China.”

With Ling no longer able to make the long trip back to China to visit family, Jenny felt torn about travelling with her family for her sister-in-law’s wedding without her mum. By talking with their Service Advisor, they were able to arrange in-home respite care for the week Jenny was going to be away. It was reassuring to know that someone would be with her from getting up and ready of a morning and keeping her company throughout the day, to preparing meals and settling in for the night. A carer would be able to provide the care and companionship Ling was used to. Jenny was able to enjoy her holiday, safe in the knowledge her mum was being cared for.

“It’s a relief knowing we can use respite care at home if we need to. If I’m only gone for a few nights, there’s no point putting mum through the hassle of moving around when she could be just as safe and happier at home.”

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