Good health and good spirits with home care

May 02, 2019

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Good health and good spirits with home care

Anyone who meets sisters Gloria and Mavis can see how kind and appreciative they are. Lyn, their Home Care Service Advisor, says the ladies seem to be in good health, good spirits and always eager for a chat with visitors.

One of their favourite visitors are their carers that support them with things like housekeeping, shopping and driving to appointments as neither has their license anymore.

“It’s a joy to see them arrive and I’m sad to see them leave. They just make my day,” said Gloria.

“Having them do the washing and ironing is a Godsend. The deal between Gloria and I is that I cook and she cleans up but the Home Care even takes care of some of that,” said Mavis. Mavis and her husband lived and worked on a farm so she’s no stranger to hard work but at this point in her life, she’d rather relax.

When asked about how Gloria and Mavis keep their sunny dispositions, Mavis said, “Always put a smile on your face. Look forward to every day. We try not to be gloomy about our aches and pains, complaining too much can really get you down.”

The sisters will soon be moving closer to family and are relieved that they can keep receiving SCC care in their new home which they’re very excited about!

The sisters are lucky to be so close and look out for each other. Gloria spent a lot of her life in America where she worked in the Aerospace Industry in a very exciting time with a team of 100 working with the massive, early computer systems.

Gloria says, “To have a positive attitude, it’s important to laugh a lot and be grateful for all the good people around you.”

Find out more about Aged Care at Home by visiting #AgedCareAtHome page or by calling 1800 632 314.

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