Music as Therapy in Aged Care

November 19, 2021

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Music as Therapy in Aged Care

Music is a clinical and evidence-based way to address the emotional, physical and social needs of an individual. From listening to playing and even creating, music has so many possibilities, and that’s exactly why our Marian Nursing Home in North Parramatta, introduced the Moove & Groove program.

Moove & Groove is a guided lifestyle program led by expert staff who provide meaningful activities for all cognitions, mobilities, hearing and sight levels.

From their studies, the creators behind Moove & Groove conclude that “musical engagement leads to improved quality of life for older adults. It has proven therapeutic benefits including reducing agitation, stress responses and anxiety. These benefits are even more pronounced for those living with dementia.”

Session one of the Moove & Groove program at Marian encouraged residents to wear wireless headphones. Either individually or in a group, residents could listen to music of their choice. Like a silent disco!

Residents have full control over what music they listen to, the volume and even the language of the music. Our model of care is centred around personal choice, so a lifestyle program which allows residents to engage in audio and video experiences based on personal interest is a perfect fit.

The first session was a great success, through the enjoyment of music, residents were forming meaningful connections with each other and with staff.

Rachna Dudeja, Facility Manager at Marian Nursing Home, encounters first-hand the enjoyment and fun residents experience just by an activity as simple as listening to their preferred music.

“Residents are calmer and their overall communication levels have improved, it’s very satisfying to see residents in a happy environment and to witness how music can boost their self-confidence”, she explains.

Engagement and Purposeful Living Manager, Jacqueline Quirke’s, observations of the program were very positive, “residents were observed to be fully engaged in the program and demonstrated lots of enjoyment with singing, laughing, smiling and emersion in the program.” 

The second session of Moove & Groove incorporated instruments, residents could strum along to the music they were listening to in their headphones, making the activity even more immersive.

Rachna is very pleased with the results of the program, “Moove & Groove plays an important role in our residents’ lives, it’s more than just a source of entertainment, music is a way for residents to express themselves and enjoy the present moment”.

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