Supported and celebrated in Aged Care

July 11, 2023

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Supported and celebrated in Aged Care

Having an accessible Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Southern Cross Care is something that Richal values a lot in her role as a Facility Manager. Whether it’s an email acknowledging a staff member’s birthday and their hard work, or on-the-ground support, Richal says the two executive leaders set a precedent for the leadership, teamwork and workplace culture.

“This is a good example for us to learn and lead our team at a facility level,” she said.

Leading and supporting a team in aged care is a rewarding career for Richal. She said she loves to see teamwork flow throughout the organisation – from the receptionist who welcome visitors and communicates with staff, to care workers who are “the heroes of the floor” working closely with residents, right through to the cooks, cleaners and gardeners.

“We all work together to make sure that each and every resident’s clinical care needs are met on a daily basis,” she said. “We should always remember we work in the residents’ home.”

Richal says the Southern Cross Care team not only support each other and the residents but also celebrate each other’s diverse cultures and backgrounds. “We are never hesitant to welcome people in and we are always there to make sure that we meet their cultural need, we meet their linguistic need.”

She said the social calendar “reflects the diversity of the home itself,” celebrating events and cultural days such as Diwali, Octoberfest and Thanksgiving for the benefit of staff, residents, and the wider community “We try and meet and respect their cultural background and try and make sure they feel like they are part of the home and Southern Cross Care.”

We celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of the people we care for and about, including team members, volunteers, residents, clients, and families.​ We embrace their contribution to our multicultural community and are committed to creating an inclusive environment.​ If you’re looking to join a team and community where you are fully supported, and everyone belongs head to our careers page today.

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