Cure boredom in your retirement years

May 23, 2022

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Cure boredom in your retirement years

Staying sharp as we age is possible if you’re proactive and treat your brain like a muscle, because if we don’t use it; we’ll lose it. To use the most brain power, we need to be challenging ourselves and going beyond our comfort zones. Mental stimulation improves brain function and reduces the risk of cognitive decline and related diseases.

Finding that challenge can get trickier as we age and get comfortable with who we are and how we spend our days. A side effect of this complacency can be boredom which is detrimental to a sharp brain.

Join a course at University of the Third Age where you can acquire new knowledge and skills in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Take a deeper dive into a topic that’s always interested you, like the French language if you loved your holidays to France, or creative writing if you’ve always been a bookworm.

Research has found that Tennis players lived the longest among the activities they looked at. The researches think that what the sports with the biggest increases in life expectancy have in common, is that it takes two or more people to play them. It’s not just the physical benefits sports give us, but the social ones of a community with shared interests and passions.

As well as a physical outlet, it’s important we have a creative one too. Get in touch with your creative side by enrolling in a class and work towards mastering that knitted blanket, woodwork train set or capturing the perfect photo, the possibilities really are endless.

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