Embracing emerging technologies - working smarter not harder

June 27, 2022

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Embracing emerging technologies - working smarter not harder

Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT is continually exploring innovative technologies and strategic partnerships to improve the delivery of care to our ageing community.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are trialling new and emerging technologies that promote safe and sustainable quality care and services for residents and clients.

We want to create a culture of innovation and explore new ways we can enhance our service delivery and experience.

One of the ways we’re approaching this is to collaborate with IT providers, as technology plays a vital role in improved care and services. Recent research suggests only 1% of emerging health technologies are currently aimed at residential aged care and home care.

By partnering with IT providers, we intend to address this imbalance, with the aim of improving resident and client outcomes and staff experience.

Technologies currently in trial at some of our services include GigXR, Home Guardian, Hippo TM and Vocera.

GigXR provides immersive, 3D simulations to enhance instructor-led training and learning. This educative tool is currently being used in hospitals to teach nurses and carers. The platform makes it easy for instructors to simplify complex real-world learning scenarios and address the shortfalls of traditional 2D education.

Home Guardian is an artificial intelligence (AI) device. The AI sensors can monitor the behaviour and interactions of people and objects and alert the caregivers when an abnormal interaction or behaviour is detected. Southern Cross Care is currently working with Home Guardian in the development of a system which facilitates the prevention of incidents including falls, adverse behaviours and unplanned weight loss.

Hippo TM is a hands-free headset that facilitates remote consultation and clinical health reviews, thus overcoming barriers of resource constraints including staff, time, distance, and training. By wearing the Hippo TM, frontline staff can receive real-time support from clinical and allied health team members.

Vocera is a voice-controlled device that allows staff to contact each other immediately, this, in turn, reduces resident waiting times and allows staff to be more proactive in meeting the resident’s needs and preferences.

Extensive testing on these innovative technologies is being conducted by a number of our staff and homes and pending the outcome, we hope to commence the rollout across our network of services.

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Image source: 1. myhippo.com.au 2. homeguardian.ai

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