Southern Cross Care’s (NSW & ACT) response to COVID-19

The safety of our residents, clients and staff across our Residential Care Homes, Retirement Villages and Home Care services is our number one priority, and we are regularly reviewing the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation to assess associated risks.

Victorian and New South Wales COVID-19 outbreaks

The number of COVID-19 community transmitted cases continues to rise. New locations outside of the original South Western Sydney cluster are now reporting positive cases. The list of affected COVID-19 NSW locations is updated daily and is available via

COVID-19 spreads rapidly and is often undetected until it is too late. As a temporary precaution, SCC has placed some of our homes into full restricted access during this heightened period of COVID-19 spreading within the community. If you need to visit a home because your loved one is palliating or in of end-of-life care, please contact the Facility Manager who can arrange compassionate visits and work with families on the best way to manage individual situations.

Any visitors who live or have been in the following Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the previous two weeks MUST NOT enter aged care facilities.

Bankstown (suburb)  | Eastern part of City of Sydney LGA* | Cumberland | Fairfield | Ku-ring-gai | Liverpool | Mount Druitt (suburb) | Parramatta | Randwick | Sutherland | Waverley | Willoughby | Woollahra | * (Sydney, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Woolloomooloo, Potts Point, Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Centennial Park)

The postcodes of these areas are as follows:

  2000     2007     2008     2009     2010     2011     2016     2017  
  2021     2022     2023     2025     2026     2027     2028     2029  
  2030     2037     2038     2042     2043     2044     2050     2076  
  2077     2079     2080     2081     2082     2083     2113     2114  
  2115     2116     2117     2118     2119     2120     2121     2122  
  2125     2126     2127     2128     2133     2141     2142     2143  
  2144     2145     2146     2147     2150     2151     2152     2153  
  2154     2155     2156     2157     2158     2159     2160     2161  
  2162     2163     2164     2165     2166     2167     2168     2170  
  2171     2172     2173     2174     2175     2176     2177     2178  
  2179     2190     2191     2192     2193     2194     2195     2196  
  2197     2198     2199     2200     2206     2208     2209     2210  
  2211     2212     2213     2214     2430     2440     2536     2555  
  2556     2558     2559     2560     2563     2564     2565     2566  
  2568     2569     2571     2572     2573     2574     2575     2576  
  2577     2578     2579     2745     2752     2756     2765     2775  

The list of affected COVID-19 NSW locations is updated daily and is available via

In addition:

  • Any visitors who have been in Victoria in the last two weeks will be excluded from aged care facilities
  • Anyone with fever or respiratory symptoms, even mild, will be excluded from aged care facilities and should isolate at home and seek COVID-19 testing.

Please do not visit our homes if you have been to these locations, or, if you are sharing a household or in close contact with anyone who has. In this instance, NSW Health is advising to watch for respiratory symptoms or fever, and if they occur, isolate and get tested for COVID-19 immediately.


Residential Care Homes

In response to recent wide spread COVID-19 community transmission, SCC has decided to temporarily place all our homes into full restricted access until further notice. The federal government and the aged care industry have developed a code of conduct to help facilitate safe and responsible visitation for our residents. Our approach to visitation is in line with government recommendations however, we remain cautious with the current widespread COVID-19 transmission in the community, and continue to monitor the situation regularly.


Retirement Villages

Due to the higher risk for COVID-19 complications with older Australians, the Government is still urging caution and asking people over 70 years, and those over 65 years with existing health conditions to remain at home unless essential, and to be extra vigilant with social distancing and hygiene measures.

For the safety of our residents, we have restricted all non-essential services and group activities. We are strongly advising elderly residents to:

  • Restrict their engagement with the community and leave the village for essentials only (such as for Groceries, Dr Appts, Pharmacy visits)
  • Do not have visitors come to the village
  • To self-isolate if they are unwell

Home Care

COVID-19 remains a serious risk to the elderly and those with a chronic medical condition. Click here to find the latest information sheet which outlines how aged care workers, including those at Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT, will provide services in a safe way.

All Home Care staff, including Service Advisors, are fully compliant with infection control procedures. We are asking that if anyone is unwell, that they contact their Service Advisor as soon as possible, have regular contact with their doctor and call them if they are concerned about any health conditions.

More Information

For more information on COVID-19 visit the Department of Health, which publishes and updates information regularly on its website at or call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT is compliant with COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control procedures to ensure the best quality care is provided to our residents and clients.