Southern Cross Care’s (NSW & ACT) response to COVID-19

The safety of our residents, clients and staff across our Residential Care Homes, Retirement Villages and Home Care services is our number one priority, and we are regularly reviewing the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation to assess associated risks.

Residential Care Homes

The federal government and the aged care industry have developed a code of conduct to help facilitate safe and responsible visitation for our residents. In our recent survey of residents and families, 98% of residents felt safe with our current restrictions, 92% felt their emotional and social needs were being met, and 95% have connected with their loved ones in different ways.

Our approach to visitation is in line with government recommendations however, we remain cautious in areas that still have coronavirus in the community, and we continue to monitor for any increases in the number of cases on a weekly basis.

It’s anticipated that by 31 May, our homes will commence in-home visitations for short durations. Each home will have a stringent visitation code. In regional communities without coronavirus cases and where the risk is assessed as low, we are cautiously easing current visitor restrictions from Monday 18 May.

All visitation will be subject to conditions that protect the wellbeing of our residents and staff. All visitors must show proof of an influenza vaccination to enter an aged care facility. No children under 16 will be permitted. Please refer to individual homes for their relevant visitation code and all other mandatory entry requirements.


Retirement Villages

For the safety of our residents, we have restricted all non-essential services, group activities and have closed common areas. We are strongly advising elderly residents to:

  • Restrict their engagement with the community and leave the village for essentials only (such as for Groceries, Dr Appts, Pharmacy visits)
  • Do not have visitors come to the village
  • To self-isolate if they are unwell

These are precautionary measures to protect our older residents who are most vulnerable.

Home Care

Whilst some restrictions are easing, COVID-19 remains a serious risk to the elderly and those with a chronic medical condition. Click here to find the latest information sheet which outlines how aged care workers, including those at Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT, will provide services in a safe way.

All Home Care staff, including Service Advisors, are fully compliant with infection control procedures. We are asking that if anyone is unwell, that they contact their Service Advisor as soon as possible, have regular contact with their doctor and call them if they are concerned about any health conditions.

More Information

For more information on COVID-19 visit the Department of Health, which publishes and updates information regularly on its website at or call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT is compliant with COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control procedures to ensure the best quality care is provided to our residents and clients.