Our Vision, Mission & Principles

Our Vision

To enable older people to live life to the full.

Our Mission

To support the aspirations and needs of people as they age by reflecting the love of Christ.

Our Principles

We are an all-inclusive, welcoming and accepting organisation with a longstanding Catholic tradition of caring for others. Our guiding principles direct our decisions and support our desire to enable those in our care to live full and dignified lives. 

Caring for People

We acknowledge the individuality of every person and care for the whole person. We promote living life with respect, dignity, and purpose, according to your individual aspirations and needs. We believe that people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or isolated merit special consideration.

How we do this:
We care for your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellbeing. We build personal relationships and warm homelike environments that encourage people to enjoy their lives on their own terms.

We build communities and homes in rural locations specifically to provide care and support in areas where aged care services are limited or non-existent. Our presence also creates employment opportunities and contributes to the social fabric of towns and communities.

We seek to help those with chronic and debilitating health and social issues including dementia and Alzheimer’s. We fund research and implement programs and activities designed to help everyone lead fulfilling lives.


We believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity regardless of their ethnicity, creed, gender, sexuality, age or ability.

How we do this:
We celebrate the rich diversity of our residents, clients and employees. We honour all traditions, beliefs, events and special occasions that are unique and special to them.


We believe that people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

How we do this:
In our communities, we encourage and support decision making by individuals, groups, families and employees - giving everyone the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Value of Work

We believe work is intrinsically good, and part of our contribution to society. For us, employees must be treated well and should undertake their work fully, faithfully, and responsibly.

How we do this:
We pay our employees above the award rates and provide favourable conditions wherever possible. Our working conditions are safe, fair, and respectful of our employees. We recognise the importance of family and acknowledge cultural diversity in our workforce and therefore value work-life balance. Employees are in turn responsible for contributing to the common good by providing a fair day's work for a fair day's pay, and treating employers, clients, and co-workers with respect.


We believe that we're responsible for looking after the world we live in and for sharing and sustaining the resources the earth gives us, so that future generations can enjoy the same benefits that we do.

How we do this:
We monitor our environmental impact by improving the way we build, operate, maintain and improve our buildings, communities and operations.

We are a Silver Partner under the Sustainability Advantage program coordinated by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. In 2016 we were awarded the Age and Community Services Gareth Williamson Sustainability Award for our achievements.