Why Choose Us

Live life to the full

For more than 47 years we’ve been helping thousands of people to live life to the full. Whether it’s improving your health, exploring ways to boost your independence and social connections, tapping into help at home, discovering a retirement living lifestyle, or selecting comfortable, supportive care in one of our residential homes, we want to discover what’s important to you. Together we can help you select from our range of services and programs including Home Care, Retirement Communities, and Residential Aged Care, to create a solution that’s right for you.

You're unlike anyone else

While collectively we may share traits and preferences, each of us is unique and unlike anyone else. Southern Cross Care is a warm and welcoming community where you’ll be accepted for who you are, surrounded by people who take the time to get to know you and encourage and support you to live life on your terms. It is your choice, your way, so you’re free to live your life to the full.

Everyone's welcome

At Southern Cross Care everyone’s welcome! We’re a not-for-profit organisation with Catholic foundations and Christian values. We’re inclusive, accepting, and respectful of everyone. Kindness and care go hand-in-hand as we create trusting, life-affirming relationships with everyone we have the privilege of serving.

With Southern Cross Care experience life lived your way.