Our Leading Model of Care and Engagement

Individualised person-centred care is vital to supporting older people to live their best lives.

Our team of dedicated Diversional Therapists, Spiritual Wellbeing Coordinators and Leisure and Lifestyle staff provide this support daily, by giving residents the confidence to explore and expand their interests and keep doing what they enjoy and want to do.

We create a space for residents to identify what brings purpose and meaning to their lives.

Central to this is our multifaceted approach to care that expands beyond a person’s clinical needs to include their psychological, spiritual, social, emotional, leisure, and physical needs.

By implementing our Engagement Model as part of our broader ‘Care and Engagement’ model, we’re offering more tailored and targeted opportunities for residents to achieve their goals and live with joy and purpose.

Model of Care and Engagement

Our Model of Care and Engagement places the resident at the centre of any decision-making process:  

  1. Knowing our residents – from a holistic perspective through regular assessments and consultations and recognising significant relationships between the resident and friends, family and communities.

  2. Holistic approach to service provision – introducing engaging and purposeful activities and programs that meet the resident’s social, cognitive, spiritual, physical, occupational, emotional and creative needs.

  3. Achieving best practice service provision – providing quality care that is driven by contemporary practice and current research.

  4. Adding value through continuous quality improvement – we’re committed to regular evaluations and utilising emerging technologies to ensure continuous improvement.

  5. Measurement of outcomes – assessing and measuring the difference that engagement and purposeful living opportunities provide.

  6. Living the Southern Cross Care mission & vision – enabling older people to live life to the full in an environment that expresses our HEART values: Honesty, Empathy, Acceptance, Respect and Teamwork. 

Our Model of Care and Engagement ensures all our programs and activities implemented are resident-focused and resident-driven, from special interest groups, virtual quizzes, animal-assisted therapy, and intergenerational activities to technology base- programs, social groups and painting.

Our Model of Care and Engagement earned several industry recognitions in 2022:

  • Catholic Health Australia Awards - Leadership in Positive Ageing - Winner

  • Future of Ageing Awards - Emerging Leader- Highly Commended

  • Future of Ageing Awards - Leadership and Innovation in Dementia Care - Highly Commended

  • innovAGEING National Awards - Enhancing Consumer Experience - Finalist

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