Lynda Werbeloff is the happiest she has ever been

June 12, 2024

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Lynda Werbeloff is the happiest she has ever been
Lynda Werbeloff is part of the Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT coastal retirement community.

From the moment Lynda Werbeloff stepped through the front door of her new apartment, she knew it was the place she wanted to call home. But little did she realise that her happiness lay well beyond its four walls.

Having decided to downsize, Lynda embarked on an exhaustive two-year search for something more “manageable” in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. When she found her new home, equipped with amenities she had long desired—a luxurious ensuite, a charming bay window, and a much-needed garage—it seemed tailor-made for her needs.

However, it was only after settling into the Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT’s coastal retirement community that Lynda discovered where her true affection lay. It wasn’t in the bricks and mortar but in the bonds she forged with her neighbours.

An introduction to a Jewish resident sparked the kindling of a deep friendship rooted in shared faith. Months later, another Jewish couple moved into the village, and together, they formed their own close-knit community and celebrated Shabbat on Friday nights and other religious festivals.

Lynda said she was offered much more than just housing; she became part of a welcoming community that fostered a sense of belonging.

“At nearly 80 years old, I can honestly say I’m now the happiest I have ever been in my life,” she beamed.  

“Honestly, there just aren’t enough adjectives to describe this place, when I go out, I can’t wait to get back home.

“Yes, my unit is perfect, but it’s also the residents who live here that make it so special.

“When I first moved in, I was introduced to Barbara Holmes as a fellow Jew and we got on like a house on fire, and then another Jewish couple moved in, and now we love to celebrate our faith together.

“And while I have found my own little Jewish community here within Southern Cross Care, we all get on whether you are of faith or not, we all respect each other’s beliefs. Everyone is welcoming, and I can honestly say my only regret is that I didn’t move in sooner.”

Village Liaison Officer, Retirement Living Sydney, East and South, Jane Hurst, said despite having not met each other before they moved into the village, the residents have found a strong friendship and connection in their new community. 

“The connection they have made shows that living with like-minded residents leads to the added bonus of socialising and celebrating together when significant birthdays are in close proximity,” she said.

“Moving into their new homes close to their 80th year doesn’t phase these residents and releasing some funds in the process allows them to engage in all those activities that is available for those living in a retirement village in the well-connected eastern suburbs.

“Without the worry of maintaining their home and gardens, they can spend their time enjoying the social side of retirement, be it cruising, playing golf, or taking a daily swim. 

“The trickiest part of the day is deciding whether to go shopping at Eastgardens or Bondi Junction as the village has a bus route on the doorstep which serves both local shopping centres.”

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