Starting a whole new chapter in life

June 12, 2024

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Starting a whole new chapter in life

Judi White has cruised into retirement living … literally.

Selling her apartment at Sans Souci enabled her to not only look at the high seas, but travel them.

Downsizing into Southern Cross Care NSW and ACT’s Thomas Dunlea Court Retirement Village at Kirrawee meant she has the freedom and funds to be able to continue her passion for sailing, and next month is off on her 31st voyage.

After unlocking the capital in her family home, she says she can live life rather than just watch it.

“Honestly I couldn’t be happier, I really do love my life,” she beamed.

“I’m cruising four times a year and having the absolute time of my life, which isn’t bad at 85.

“Once my husband Warren passed away, I found myself alone looking out at the ocean from our beautiful apartment when all I wanted to do was get out there and sail on it but didn’t have the money.

“So, I decided to sell and move into Thomas Dunlea Court which has not only been an absolutely beautiful place to live, but enabled me to cruise three to four times a year.

“I just don’t understand why retirees who are fortunate enough to have a property stay in it but then don’t have the means to enjoy life.

“After all these cruises, people often ask me which is the best one to do and I always say the one I’m currently on, but seriously, the 35-day trip to Hawaii would have to be up there.

“I have started a whole new chapter in my life, and I honestly couldn’t be happier.”

Village Liaison Officer, Retirement Living Sydney, East and South, Jane Hurst, said residents at the Kirrawee village can start their retirement journey without the worries of home ownership.

 "Our retirement villages are designed to offer a sense of community, security and independence," she said.

"You move into your home with the peace of mind that maintenance, gardens, and grounds are all taken care of so you can go and enjoy doing what you want.

 "Many of our residents use the capital they have released from the sale of their family home like Judi and do all the things they have always wanted, like travel.

“They can do what they like without a worry in the world about their home.”  

To find out more about our Kirrawee Retirement Village click here or contact our friendly team today.

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