72 Valentine’s Days Happily Married

February 14, 2024

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72 Valentine’s Days Happily Married

Ida and Norman have spent 72 Valentine’s Days happily married. 

Daughter Sheri shares the photo above from their Wedding on the 8th of September 1951 recalling the very beginning of their love story: "Mum was born in Tuncurry, NSW and Dad was born in Griffith, NSW. They met in Tuncurry where Mum worked in a cafe and Dad part owned a truck that carted timber logs to the timber mill."

Norman says when he first met Ida in the café, he "instantly fell in love with her & knew she was the one for me."

Shortly after, Norman took Ida to meet his family in a small place called Garra. As daughter Sheri recounts "they left Tuncurry and travelled to Molong by train to be picked up by Dad’s family. Mum said she would never forget that day because they were picked up in a horse and cart!"

The rest is history. Sheri shares "After they married, Dad got a job on a farm at Bumberry as a farm hand, and Mum was a stay-at-home Mum to four."

Norman says the secret to their long and happy marriage is that…"We have always communicated well with each other & have never fought. We have always been very close & devoted to each other through hard times & good times."

He always says "Let the wife be the boss, a happy wife means a happy life. Listening to each other & supporting each other is important in any marriage."

Looking back at the many memories together, Norman shares "We have had many happy times, but the happiest day was probably our wedding day & the day our first child was born, we were both over the moon!"

This Valentine’s Day, Norman shares what he loves most about Ida is "She loves children & has always been a wonderful mother & grandmother. After we married, we lived in the bush at Bumberry near Parkes. We had no electricity, no fridge & no car. We worked very hard to get these to gradually get some home comforts together."

Ida and Norman have found a second home in Southern Cross Care Parkes "We have been living here together for nearly two years now. We like spending each morning sitting together & enjoy each other’s company before we join in the different activities that are on for the day."

They have some sage advice for couples on the annual day of love: "Always communicate well with each other. Always listen to each other. Support each other through good & bad times. These small things will go a long way in any relationship."

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